Sofia City Shuttles

    Fast, comfortable and safe transportation is of primary importance to the modern traveler.     
    Regardless of whether you travel home or abroad.         
    That is why we, at Choice, developed the “Door to Door” transfer service, featuring comfortable minibuses     
    providing door-to-door transfers within Sofia at a flat rate of 3 € per person.         
    You can use our service for Sofia Airport to Sofia Central Bus Station transfers, Hotel to Sofia Airport transfers     
    in both directions, or for transfers from a specified address in the city to the Sofia Central Railway Station     
    or the Sofia Airport.         
    We provide a 24/7 service for:         
           -  individual passengers         
           -  tourist groups         
           -  business clients         
           -  private and corporate events.         
    For the convenience of our customers both our offices at Sofia Airport are working around the clock -     
    Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Arrivals Area.     
    If you want to book a return transfer to the two terminals of the hotel, central railway and bus station     
    you could contact us at:     
       ● Phone:    + 359 8 7878 5665     
       ● E-mail: