Shows and Nightlife

     We can book tickets for theater shows, concerts, spectacles, and exhibitions for you… or just a special table at a venue     
     of your choice.         
     You can rely on us to provide transportation for you, as well as to make complete arrangements for the entertainment     
     you seek during the day and at night.         
     We are familiar with the most exciting venues in the city: karting venues, skating rinks, shooting ranges, snooker clubs,     
     golf courses, catering companies, Bulgarian traditional taverns, gourmet restaurants, as well as the most popular nightlife     
     venues in Sofia.           
     Our specialty – those unforgettable bachelor parties!    



Bachelor Parties

     If you have decided to throw your bachelor party in Bulgaria, you are sure to have     
       an unforgettable time with us!     
       We know from experience that real, unique experiences are the most important:     
          Pickup in a Hummer with a seating capacity for 16     
          Striptease in broad daylight, done… inside the car     
          Tour of the city’s more exclusive dining venues     
          Golf, Karting, Rafting ...     
          Elite night clubs, full of surprises ...    

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            Contact us for more ideas!     
        Phone:     + 359 8 7878 5665     
        E-mail:     info@choice-rent.com


Corporate Parties


     Together with us, you can make arrangements for business parties, celebrations,     
     dinners, and anniversaries both in and outside Sofia.         
     Let us take care of all the arrangements – from the menu and entertainment through     
     to accommodation and transportation.     



Team Building 

     We are very well familiar with this form of entertainment, seeking to build a successful working team.         
     The most commonly organized visits involve a stay at mountain and Black Sea resorts, as well     
     as in pretty little towns such as:         
     Veliko Turnovo, Melnik, Sandanski, Velingrad...         
     Over those company weekends, besides transportation and a formal dinner, we organize a number of fun activities,     
     such as games, contests, adventure tours, even interesting theatical skits featuring team members,     
     and also dance classes…         
     The latter two activities are beyond unforgettable!


Traditional Folklore Evenings

     The most beautiful evenings for every foreign visitor to Bulgaria…         
     We will let you have a taste of the typical Bulgarian evening – in a friendly atmosphere, with traditional folklore music     
     and dances selected by us and traditional Bulgarian dishes!     
 Meeting with bread and salt  Attractive folklore dances  Unforgettable evening for the audience 


Wine Tourism

     Thanks to its mild climate and varied relief, our country is famous for its many wine grape varieties.         
     They gave birth to the well-known Bulgarian wine of many flavours!         
     The great variety of exclusive wines has tempted every stranger with their unique aromas, mildness and profusion     
     of flavours ever since ancient times.         
     We can provide exhaustive information, organize visits and recommend beverages at Bulgaria’s leading     
     wine cellars – under excellent conditions, in unique storage rooms, offering unique views…of cascading vineyards…  

SPA Tourism

     One of our country’s major competitive advantages over other tourist destinations for relaxation vacations, is that it is     
     home to inexhaustible mineral springs having been famous for their relaxing and therapeutic effect     
     ever since Roman times.         
     We can recommend unique quiet SPA hotels in Bulgaria’s furthermost corners – featuring mineral pools, saunas,     
     tanning facilities and treatment centres, whose teams of experts tend to their visitors’ health and self-confidence     
     all the year round.


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