Car Accessories Rentals


1. GPS Navigation

    For your safe and easy travel round Bulgaria, "Choice Rent A Car", offers GPS navigational system rentals.         
     Our portable GPS units are plugged directly into the port of the car, providing information in the required language.     
     The rate is 10 €/day.  

2. Tyre Chains

    You may rent tyre chains for winter use from us.         
     The rate is 10 €/day.         

3. Booster / Baby Seat

    Under Bulgarian legislation, children aged 11 and under and less than 60 inches in height are required to ride in     
    a special child seat, the fine for not meeting this requirement being BGN 50.     
     The rate is 10 €/day.     
     You may rent the above accessories while making an online reservation for your car rental or by contacting our     
     24-hour reservation call center at:     
     + 359 8 7878 5665     
     + 359 8 8778 5665